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    New products online


    We have updated the website and extended our range of products online with the AlphaBinnacle, AlphaPilot, JLN-740, JLZ-1000 and JAN-470. Prices and brochures can be found in our product center and the price list. For more information about these new products, see below or go to our website.

    • AlphaPilot: Our new adaptive autopilot features a 5-inch touch display with the hardware and software based on our uniform product philosophy, creating a consistent bridge and operational approach. The advanced track steering technology contributes to safe and efficient operation, defined by its simplicity in usage.
    • JLN-740: The JLN-740 series is a single axis water SDME compliant with the IMO MSC.96 (72) standard, required on all internationally voyaging ships exceeding 300 GT. Boasting never-before-seen accuracy for speed measurement, the JLN-740 is also installed with our company’s proprietary bubble detection function, which informs you when measurement accuracy is impaired due to air bubble contact.
    • JLZ-1000: The newest NAVIONICS+ allow for incredibly detailed display of sea areas. The JLZ-1000 color plotter also has a high-speed display contributing to a stress-free navigation and chart updates to let you operate while using the latest data.
    • AlphaBinnacle: The AlphaBinnacle can be used with a simple periscope assembly which is easy to install or removed. Due to the improved water tightness around deck/ periscope area, it reduces installation work for a shipyard. It can also be used as a standalone compass or even with an electronic device (TMC) in combination with repeaters like the AlphaLine MF Compass Repeater.
    • JAN-470: The Navigational electronic Conning Station Table (NeCST) combined with our proprietary J-Marine Cloud will significantly enhance the operational tasks of officers onboard and provides a total solution for safe and secure smart navigation management. With our cloud services, it enables officers to share navigation information, such as assured routes and unavailable information on charts as well as and port information (photos, notes, etc) between ships and ships and ships and offices.

    In case of questions or for further information and consultation, please contact your Area Sales Manager who will be happy to assist you.