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    Remote support

    Remote Maintenance System (RMS)

    Remote Maintenance System (RMS) is JRC's original onboard equipment performance and functionality monitoring system using JRC's JCY-1900/1800 VDR as a server and secured satellite link communication.

    Our accredited engineer has remote access to the equipment onboard the vessel to inspect, analyze, resolve or determine what actions are necessary at the vessel’s next port in order to quickly return the equipment to a full operational status.

    The service history and the latest status are stored in JRC's support center. Analyzing the trend makes preventive maintenance for the equipment onboard possible. 

    1. Keep to the schedule
    2. Save the maintenance cost
    3. Preventive maintenance
    Smart Ship Viewer (SSV)

    SSV is a vessel voyage data monitoring service using Cloud system. Not only JRC engineers but also superintendents, ship managers and ship operators are able to access the vessel’s voyage data via a webpage at the shore office. Vessel data is periodically sent to the Cloud and you can access the Cloud data to check the vessel’s real-time status. On the web page you will find the following data without any assistance from the vessel and retrieve VDR data remotely anytime.

    In order to enable this function, equipment connecting to JRC VDR model JCY-1900 and VSAT satellite link are required. Further, for having the planned route, JRC ECDIS model JAN-9201(S), 7201(S) should be on-board and connected to JRC VDR.

    1. Own ship navigation data
      Equipment status
      Conning information
      AIS information of other vessels surrounded
      Latest route and past record
      Alarm information

    2. Weather

    3. VDR download
      Radar/ECDIS picture
      Voice data
      * Data type is selectable
      * Download on demand
    JMA-5300Mk2 PROLINE
    Radar SOLAS CAT2 500-9999GT
    • Constaview digital signal processing
    • TEF multi-level target enhancement
    • High speed version available
    • Brushless antenna motors for extended lifetime
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    Redefining ocean navigation
    • Beautiful, minimalist design
    • The Central Control Unit (CCU) 
    • Up to 500 user maps 
    • Wave analyzer
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    Redefining ocean navigation
    • Extensive display of information
    • Three dedicated operational tabs
    • Graphical or numerical sensor data
    • Switch between H-up and N-up
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    GPS satellite compass
    • 5.7 inch high visibility LCD display
    • Roll, pitch, ROT, heave integrated
    • Heading accuracy 0,5º
    • High speed tracking response (ROT 45º/ sec)
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    MF/HF Class A
    • Flexible installation
    • self-diagnosis checks
    • Distress alerts
    • 6-channel DSC watch-keeping built-in
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    Modular design allows for maximum flexibility
    • Maximum installation flexibility
    • Integrated 3.8-inch high brightness silver LCD
    • 120 seconds digital recording
    • Easy configuration
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    AIS Class A
    • Dual color LED backlight
    • Displays up to 200 AIS targets
    • Advanced interfacing possible
    • 4.5-inch high brightness display
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    • Automatic switch with GPS input
    • 24-hour message memory built-in
    • 10.8 to 31.2VDC
    • 5.7 inch high visibility display
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    Fast onboard communication
    • high-speed connectivity
    • easy to install
    • Satellite blocking
    • Voice distress button
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    VDR system
    • Remote maintenance
    • Playback software
    • Proven black box design
    • internal UPS
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